Bag Of Bones

from by Last Believer



I'm sitting in empty room
only TV is on
I'm drowning into despair
motivation is gone
There's people outside the door
I don't wanna talk (with)
I'm falling into myself
God, I'm just a mock!

I can't stand my own friends
conversation is a fake
I'm fighting with myself
to stay awake
creating my own world
in my own mind
but there's no lead at all
it's a place to hide

I wanna feel...
I wanna feel (peace inside of me)

I remember the time when I was, more that a bag of bones
I use to have dreams and the will to move it on
I remember the time when I was, more that a bag of bones

I really want to reach out my hand
see the sun at last
and bedew my face

Thing that keeps me straight,
one step from fall
is so called obsession of..
a self control


from split with Slip, released May 1, 2011




Last Believer Kraków, Poland

In 2005 - 2012 Last Believer was a Punk Rock/ Hardcore band based in Cracow, Poland.
Band supported vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, common sense and independent thinking.
Inspired by classics like Black Flag, Adolescents, Bad Brains, Agression, Cro-Mags etc. wanting to keep punk rock the way it should be.
After disbanding, membmers has reunited as After Laughter
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