History Circle

from by Last Believer



Firs time when I saw your show
I was stoked and I needed more
Stream of light in a plastic world
Just like a lift for my tired soul
Kind a hope for a lonely boy
Authentic flush which I still enjoy
Sowed once will grow inside
Some will keep it down for life

A few great nights spend on the floor
All days stuck in a little tight car
Coffee mug and the people I know
In every town I feel like home
We stopped the world and moved our lives
Though they gripe and criticizes
It's not a phase 'till the time I give up
It's my choice, this is my payback

History's circle, things going around
and a full circle, a condition to move on
Hope for revival - keep holding on
thanks for all, I owe you...(all of you)


from split with Slip, released May 1, 2011




Last Believer Kraków, Poland

In 2005 - 2012 Last Believer was a Punk Rock/ Hardcore band based in Cracow, Poland.
Band supported vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, common sense and independent thinking.
Inspired by classics like Black Flag, Adolescents, Bad Brains, Agression, Cro-Mags etc. wanting to keep punk rock the way it should be.
After disbanding, membmers has reunited as After Laughter
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