They Live

from by Last Believer



We watch the outside world trough plastic glass
Trying to be blind in a face of their pathetic lies
I want to celebrate, not to be discriminate
I want to take this chance in my own hands

I feel left behind and putted aside
Still carry on my hope for better days, and I...
Feel breath on my neck, disgraced and discriminated
I need to send my soul far from this place

They live and wont let me out
(They)feed with what I have inside

Carry the throne of subject land
Corrupted thoughts they have
Pretending our delegation
They pushing it trough legislations
Creating their own law
Leaving us aside


from split with Slip, released May 1, 2011




Last Believer Kraków, Poland

In 2005 - 2012 Last Believer was a Punk Rock/ Hardcore band based in Cracow, Poland.
Band supported vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, common sense and independent thinking.
Inspired by classics like Black Flag, Adolescents, Bad Brains, Agression, Cro-Mags etc. wanting to keep punk rock the way it should be.
After disbanding, membmers has reunited as After Laughter
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